• Fort Sumter Civil War Wool Blanket


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    Woven in the same mill that created our original Civil War blankets. Own a piece of American history. Part of our Civil War blanket collection, the Fort Sumter Blanket features a tan background accented with a brown border stripe on both ends. Selvage edges and overseamed ends. 85% wool, 15% nylon. 60" W x 72" L. This is exactly the type of blanket acquired by Uncle Bobby Earl's great grandfather, Thomas Bell Dempsey.

    Thomas Dempsey served as a private in the North Carolina 11th regiment from 1862 until the surrender at Appomatox in 1865. His regiment lost close to half of all officers and enlisted during the battle of Gettysburg. This is exactly the type of blanket issued to Private Dempsey at the start of his training.

    Thomas had a younger brother, Bobby Earl's great uncle, Avon Clyde Dempsey that made the decision to enlist with the Union troops in September of 1862. By this time, Federal troops had taken control and occupied the city of New Bern, NC. Avon was able to enlist by not traveling too far from home. Thomas and Avon Clyde continued to write letters to each other in hopes their path would never cross in battle. It never did. After the war, both Thomas and Avon Clyde rarely spoke of their Civil War experiences; they did live close together and shared efforts in maintaining two successful farms. Family lore claims they were close brothers and best of friends. It was never explained to any family members why one brother sided with the Confederacy and the other joined the Union troops. Some things are better left unsaid as Bobby Earl would often remark.