• Utah State Flag T-Shirt, S/S, Navy


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    The great State of Utah! Celebrating 125 years of the Beehive State! The official Commemorative Flag of Utah was designed by Jonathan Martin and the Organization for a New Utah Flag with several symbolic design points highlighting the diverse history and topography of Utah. Utah is called the Beehive State as the beehive is the symbol of industry and Utah is famous for some of its greatest industrial movements. The flag may also become the NEW state flag for 2022, so get a head start on history and get yours today! This shirt is printed in water-based ink so it is Eco-friendly and printed on 100% cotton. Featuring our American Flag sleeve to show that U.S.A pride! Celebrate with us and get your new favorite shirt!

    Learn more about this flag at http://www.newutahflag.org/