S.L. Revival Co.

An Americana, outdoor-lifestyle company inspired by the fantastical life of Uncle Bobby B.

It all started...

It all started with a hat that looks as if it has weathered on the dashboard of an old farm truck. Bobby B's farm truck. The same farm truck uncle Bobby used to haul surf boards and friends to Atlantic Beach for surf outings. This was back in the late 50s, 60s and 70s when surfing was an alternative culture. Some say Bobby B was the first to surf the barrier islands of the southern outerbanks. Born in the Depression era, Bobby B is my uncle, the youngest brother of granddaddy Floyd. He was an outdoorsman by choice and necessity. The idea for SLR started with an observation. We needed a vintage style state flag trucker hat just as uncle Bobby would often wear -- a hat that has been washed by the sun and salt.  We created this company as a revival to the epic lifestyle of uncle Bobby... an outdoor lifestyle company inspired by the fantastical life of Bobby B.

We have created what we believe are the best vintage state flag trucker hats available. The North Carolina Flag Hat was our very first design back in 2012. Designed by our staff in New Bern, NC, our hats are manufactured using a Salt-Wash™ process to create a weathered, heavily sun bleached vibe. The high thread count embroidered flag patch creates a vintage look. Hats are adjustable with snaps. The mesh is very soft and the bill has a natural bend. This hat is heavily faded making each one uniquely different. We now offer 20+ different state flag trucker hats in several colors.