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        It all started with a hat that looks as if it has weathered on the dashboard of an old farm truck. Uncle Bobby B's farm truck. S.L. Revival Co. is an outdoor lifestyle company inspired by the fantastical life of Uncle Bobby. Born in the Roosevelt era, Bobby B. was my great uncle, the youngest brother of my great granddad. He was an outdoorsman by choice and necessity. The idea for SLR started with an observation. Several years ago I noticed a fellow surfer wearing an old, faded trucker hat emblazoned with the state flag of our neighboring state to the south. I loved the look that only comes with age. I loved that it reminded me of uncle Bobby B. I wanted that same look with my home state of North Carolina and I could not find it anywhere. Being the owner of a small, surf retail store, I asked the staff to kick around ideas and help with the design. We came up with a unique design for the state flag of North Carolina. If we only use three colors instead of the official 4 colors, we realized the flag looked older and vintage. Next we needed a hat that was faded, soft and worn-in. We found a manufacturer using a sodium-based enzyme wash to create a sun-aged look; thus, we now have our Salt-Washed™ hat. The last design feature, replacing all white threading with khaki. Replacing the color added years to the hat and WOW... now you have the original North Carolina vintage-style state flag hat and the start of S.L. Revival Co. I think uncle Bobby would be pleased.

        After many years, we now offer a full line of outdoor, surf-inspired apparel. We will continue to develop product that helps people enjoy the great outdoors

        Participate in our #walktheworld challenge. Post your great travel and adventure pictures and use the tag #walktheworld. Feel free to post on Instagram or Facebook and we will select a favorite picture each month. You could receive a free hat. This is our way to encourage everyone to get outdoors and start exploring.